About Us

Innovating the Pizza Industry for over Forty Years.

Who we Are.

For over forty years Marsal has been manufacturing restaurant equipment that has revolutionized the pizza industry. Our exclusive left-to-right burner design and 2" thick brick cooking surface creates the most even bake and dependable product for any pizza maker. No down time, no need to rotate pies. Rest assured that you will have the quickest, crispiest, most dependable bake from our products.

Our Mission.

Marsal and Sons' mission is to produce the highest-quality pizza ovens for the food service industry. We are committed to being the innovator of pizza ovens and to constantly improve our product designs as well as our ability to meet the needs of the industry. Overall, our goal is to be recognized as "Simply the Best!"

Why choose Us.

Marsal's care for quality and ingenuity has allowed us to soar to the top as the new industry go-to brand. See our equipment all over the country and all over the globe - at your local pizzeria or in the greatest of restaurant chains. We provide the highest quality, most innovative equipment, all while keeping the integrity of a family-run business and manufacturing in the United States.

Marsal ovens are proudly made in the
United States of America.

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History of Marsal

Marsal began in 1969 with a small shop at 99 Bowery, New York City, in the heart of the Restaurant Equipment Capital. Son of an Italian immigrant, Sal Ferrara began his business with family in mind, naming the company Mar-Sal, from its founders, Mary and Sal (pictured at left the day of their engagement, 1945). Soon enough, the sons, Carl, Joseph and Richard, would become a part of the company's growth.

In 1973, Marsal opened a larger factory on Long Island and incorporated Marsal and Sons. At that time, Marsal was known for custom-made stainless-steel restaurant equipment, specializing in Chinese food preparation equipment, including wok stoves and ovens. During the energy crisis of the early 1980s, Marsal also manufactured wood- and coal-fired stoves to heat America's homes, displaying a proud bald eagle and American flag on each.

Already known for its high quality manufacturing, Marsal started to make custom equipment specifically for the pizza industry later on in the decade. Using unique engineering skills and innovations, Marsal built a modular revolving deck oven in 1990. The design featured easy assembly, which cut down the usual oven-assembly time from days to hours. In 1995, the first MB Series Oven was manufactured, combining the baking power of a brick oven and the ease of cooking with gas. The goal was to build the best deck oven while solving the problems related to other manufacturers' ovens. Under careful design, the new Marsal pizza oven eliminated the problems of uneven deck temperatures and the need to spin and rotate pies. Innovations such as the Marsal burner design, air chamber, and the use of a 2" thick cooking surface were just a few improvements over the other brick-lined pizza ovens in the industry.

In 1999, Marsal designed the first SD Series ovens. These classic deck ovens were designed to have the same even deck temperatures as the MB series, but without using a brick-lined baking chamber. The SD ovens were designed for the more traditional American pizzeria. As the twenty-first century began, Marsal was about to grow in leaps and bounds. Within a decade, the small shop in Lindenhurst expanded its factory in order to churn out pizza ovens to restaurants nationwide and around the world.

In 2009, they started manufacturing the EDO series electric deck ovens. These ovens are extremely even heating and because of the top elements, cook very similar to our MB ovens. In 2012 the newest in Marsal's ovens hit the market. The WAVE FLAME oven, which reaches temperatures over 900 degrees and cooks a neapolitan type pizza. It also has a viewing window for the ambiance of a fire. The shape of the brick ceiling is shaped to create a wave effect and bring the high heat down on top of the deck.

All this success struck the eyes of the Middleby Corporation. In March 2015, Marsal became part of Middleby's world renowned equipment. Together, Marsal and Middleby continue to innovate the way pizza is made.

Join these franchises and the many more independent restaurants that love their Marsal ovens.