The COMBO Ovens

Experience the Best of Both Worlds

MB over SD:
the best of both worlds.

Combining the power of the MB Series brick-lined pizza oven with the efficiency of the SD Series deck oven, the Marsal Pizza Combo Oven eliminates the problem of deciding what type of pizza oven will best fit the needs of your restaurant.

MB Series MB SeriesMB Series
Why choose Us?
Get That Superior Bake.

Exclusive Burner Design

To get to the heart of Marsal ingenuity, first look at the burner system. On all Marsal ovens, we use a two-inch-thick brick cooking surface that holds the heat in, dispersing it throughout the baking deck. Underneath, we include our signature left-to-right burner design so that every pie has part of the burner system directly underneath it. For this reason, your Marsal oven will disperse heat evenly and powerfully, keeping up with you at even your busiest times.

Why choose Us?
Why choose Us?
Keep an Even Bake Throughout.

Innovative Air Chamber

Because your customers will be craving more of yor fine product, we needed to ensure our ovens were equipped with unrelenting power. All Marsal ovens are designed with our special innovative air chamber, located below the cooking surface, which eliminates hotspots so there is no need to spin or rotate pies. The MB Series is engineered to keep up at your busiest times, as well as radiate a powerful heat evenly throughout the baking chamber to give you a crispier, brick-oven styled crust and product that your customers love.

Why choose Us?
That Old-World Look & Taste.

Arched Brick-Lined Ceiling

Dreaming of the crispy, delivious taste of old-world pizza? You don't need an old-country oven for that! The arched refractory brick-lined ceiling of the top MB Series oven develops more heat synchronization, enabling the oven to maintain temperature more efficiently and evenly. And your bottom SD Series oven features our special side baffle system, pushing more heat to the center of the oven, cooking your pies evenly on the top. Your Combo oven will not quit as the customers keep pouring in to see the old-world beauty of your custom designed oven and feast on the crispiest, absolutely best pizza you can produce with your quality ingredients.

Your Oven,
Your Style.

Customize your MB Series to fit your needs and decor:

step 1

Choose Model Size

Combo ovens come in eight pie and twelve pie stacked models.

Model (16" Pies)

8-Pie Combo

x 2

12-Pie Combo

x 2

step 2

Choose Top Finish

Combo Ovens come manufactured with the patented Dome design. However, you may also have your Combo Oven finished with a Flat Top or Square Dome that allows you to place pizza boxes on top of your MB oven.

step 3

Choose Finishing Kit

beautiful customized oven design

All Combo Ovens come from the factory unfinished with an 18 gauge aluminized steel exterior.

Brick ovens are fully enclosed and can be finished in many different ways. Marsal offers exclusive brick finishing kits (see below) or finish your Combo Oven in your own style that fits your restaurant's decor. See Photo Gallery for inspiration


(default kit style)



- TV Host Bobby Bognar, History's Food Tech

And you get much, much more

Keeps Powerful Heat In

In addition to an even heat distribution in the baking chamber, keep that heat in with a 2" lip below the chamber opening that prevents heat from rolling out when the door is open. This heat is thermostatically controlled from 300° to 650° F.

Beauty that Looks & Works

Our innovative, lightweight double-paneled oven door is engineered creates an air shield, reducing heat loss and keeping the oven workspace much cooler. A counter-weight leads to an easy, smooth door action.

Light Up Baking Chamber

See what's cooking via 100 watt interior halogen light. Available in the MB42 and MB60 ovens only.

Just the Right Height

With a variety of sizes to suit your needs just right, you also need an easy way to get that perfect height. So, we wekd heavy-duty adjustable legs to the oven's base.

Zero Clearance On Sides

Ultra-High-Temperature Fiberglass Insulation allows for 0" clearance on both sides. We still recommend 3 - 4" of clearance in rear for combustion air intake.

Endless Possibilities

Style your oven to fit your needs. Choose the size that's right for you. Combo your MB Series with a WF "Wave" Oven or an SD Series!

Vented Control Door

Attractive and practical, the control door conceals thermostat and safety valve, making operation, maintenance, and service a breeze.

Gas-fired Efficiency

The MB Series may look like an old-style brick oven. And it certainly bakes like it. But it is as easy to use as any gas-fired deck oven. Find a 3/4" gas connection in the rear of the oven.

Protected Investment

We poured our heart and soul into engineering the world's greatest pizza oven. You should have this investment protected. So we back it with a 1 year warranty on labor and 18 months on parts.

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View our KCL library for AutoCAD and Revit Files

MBC 448 Combo

MBC 660 Combo
Height Dome: 80.5"
Flat: 71.25"
Dome: 80.5"
Flat: 71.25"
Depth x Length 44.25" x 65" 44.25" x 80"
Cooking Surface (Top Unit) 36" x 42" x 2 36" x 60" x 2
Cooking Surface (Bottom Unit) 36" x 48" x 2 36" x 60" x 2
BTUs LP: 90,000
NAT: 95,000 x 2
LP: 120,000 x 2
NAT: 130,000 x 2
Electrical 120 VAC 120 VAC
Shipping Weight 2,375 lbs. 3,100 lbs.

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